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AirClaim Starts Q3 2021

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What is ?

Freeos provides unprecedented economic empowerment through peer-to-peer distributed technologies as a means for people to democratically steward their own economic destiny, together.

Earn a fair, stable and sustainable income that is valued through responsible fiscal stewardship. As a result, financial equilibrium is achieved through wisdom-of-the-crowd dynamics.

Would you like to earn an ongoing Self-Governed Cooperative Income?

Would you like to be a part of history?

How to Get

STEP 1: Download the Proton wallet.

STEP 2: Earn via the AirClaim

The majority of Freeos will be minted as part of an AirClaim (learn more) starting mid 2021. Once the AirClaim starts you will be able to earn FREEOS tokens for free by participating. After the AirClaim you’ll be able to buy Freeos on the open market using protonswap.com


Discover how Freeos provides a sustainable, stable income powered by direct democracy.

Self-Governed Cooperative Income

Earned through democratic economic stewardship using the Governance dApp.

Is legitimately earned—not a hand-out like UBI typically is.

Democratic Fiscal Policy

Deflationary and price maintaining controls.

Incentivised active voting by requiring governance to earn an income.

Based on wisdom of the crowd dynamics.

Deflationary controls to counter inflationary forces.

Community Activated Minting

FREEOS tokens are only minted IF the community engages.

90% to the participants that engage in the voting.

Not an ICO.

Distributed evenly over time, which limits whales.

Burn Valuation Dynamics

Key mechanisms designed to allow the participants maintain a meaningful and stable valuation of the Freeos token.

Based on economic theories and Bitcoin mining insights.

Ties Proof-of-Burn to the access fee as a deflationary method to decommission FREEOS tokens from circulation.

Voucher Outreach Program

Onboards and encourages responsible stewardship and informed participants.

Creates local markets and economies earning and spending FREEOS tokens in real-world settings.

Provides free entry into Freeos for the financially disenfranchised by simply taking time to learn how to be a good Freeos steward.

Conditionally Limited Supply

Inherently assigns a potential lifetime of value to each participant.

Max supply is conditional, based on real active participants.

Grows and shrinks according to the active network and real usage.

The AirClaim

Currency minted by community engagement

AirClaim Starts Q3 2021

Community engagement is what builds Freeos. For the first 25 weeks from launch, Freeos is only ever minted when you and others join the community and participate in the weekly AirClaim. This fairly splits the mint across those that truly engage. Earn coins at the
press of a button for 25 weeks.

What could you earn in the AirClaim?

Use the value sliders to see how much you could earn

Your Earnings:

0 FREEOS / $0.00 USD *

* we don't know what FREEOS will be worth but there is a floor in the price of $0.0167 USD per token.

After the AirClaim

After the AirClaim you continue to earn each week by being an active participant in the community.

Platform & Security

Secure Self-Governed Cooperative Income

Built on the Proton Chain

Freeos is built on the Proton Chain. Proton has been developed as a secure and easy-to-use blockchain platform and wallet with Know Your Customer (KYC) checks to help us ensure each participant is a real, unique individual.

Proton also comes with Proton Wallet, considered to be the most user friendly wallet availble to interact with the blockchain. Learn more about Proton at www.protonchain.com

Audit by Sentnl

Freeos has partnered with the specialist blockchain security experts Sentnl for the smart contract audit process.

Visit Sentnl | View Source Code

Freeos for a Fairer World

Freeos like the ACI & Digital Life Collective believe we can build a better way forward that is fairer, less centralized and puts people back in control of their lives by cooperating at scale.

Visit Alliance for a Conscious Internet | Visit Digital Life Collective

The Decentralised Team

FreeDAO is the Decentralised Autonomous Organisation responsible for the creation, maintenance, onboarding and promotion of Freeos. With experienced team members from various corners of the globe in alignment with values and vision, FreeDAO intends on delivering tools that firmly engender increased collaboration and freedom in an equitable and impactful way.

As the team is growing and evolving, please visit the
FreeDAO website for more information on the members, structure, vision and philosophy of this unique organisation.


We have big plans Freeos. Join us and help guide the future of economic freedom.

  • May 2021
    AirClaim Feature Complete

    All AirClaim features are complete and ready for testing on the Proton Testnet.

  • June 2021
    AirClaim Audit & Open Alpha

    AirClaim and Token features are reviewed by external code reviewers and audited for security robustness.

  • Q3 2021
    AirClaim Launch

    The AirClaim dApp can be accessed using the Proton wallet, and the first Claim can begin.

    Q3 2021
    Claim Each Week for 25 Weeks

    Each week is a new opportunity to freely claim more FREEOS tokens than the last. Keep in mind that you are required to hold at least half to be eligible for both the next week’s claim

  • Q2 2022
    Governance Audit & Open Beta

    This is where the real democratic economic system truly begins. The dApp will now ask you to answer surveys and vote on economic conditions prior to being able to claim your earnings.

    Q2 2022
    Governance Launch, Proof-of-Burn

    Before accessing a year of earnings through economic stewardship, you need to pay half of what you earned in the AirClaim as your annual access fee. And just to make it clear, this is a deflationary system. The FREEOS tokens you pay are decommissioned (burned) as a counter to inflation.


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