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Thu Apr 14 2022




Becoming A DAO: The Freeos Economic System

A new type of DAO is rising.

For all you DAO Enthusiasts, Freedom Advocates, and System Disruptors out there.

There’s a new DAO in town --- the Freeos Economic System.

Designed to be a fair and democratic DAO representing one-person with one-vote.

An entire economic system managed directly by democracy.

Is your favorite DAO governed by a pyramid of wealthy rulers?

The vast majority of DAOs on the blockchain are plutocracies --- not true democracies --- where those that hold the most financial value call the shots.

For some DAOs, a plutocracy can be the ideal and intended design --- to act like shareholders do in a corporation.

For other DAOs, a plutocracy is far from the ideal design --- but so far, there have been few attempts to change to a non-plutocratic model. It has just been easier to use what takes the least effort to build --- a pyramid of wealthy rulers.

But for the Freeos economic system, it is one-person = one vote, fundamentally. It is more difficult to build this type of system --- but since it fulfills the Freeos purpose of equality and fairness, there isn’t any other authentic choice.

The Freeos Solution: Vote-to-Earn

Vote-to-Earn makes the system extremely participatory. You **mine the currency through voting **--- each week --- on the monetary policy. And then you earn a crypto income for your efforts.

Think of a country’s Central Bank --- but decentralized --- and managed by the people directly. No middlemen. No trickle-down-economics. Not being at the mercy of an economic system without any direct say, consideration or voice.

Freeos is a new economic model, with lessons learned from the old economic system, and lessons learned from the new, crypto, economic system that is emerging --- in front of our very eyes --- over the last decade.

The system is designed to be deep, with economic controls that the community can steer. Since everyone’s incentives --- and values --- are aligned, what is good for the individual can also benefit all others.

Freeos is pushing the boundaries of what “win-win” can be.

It’s the economy, stupid.” has entered the English lexicon as meaning politics is all about the economy at the end of the day.

So why not skip the politics, the bureaucracy and the corruption and** vote directly for what matters to us all**? The economy.

But this time --- not stupid. Using smart contracts and a decentralised App (dApp) that cannot be shut down.

A dApp that is designed to teach understanding on how the features allow us to manage the supply and demanddynamics of the Freeos economic system so the community can steer it towards value and wide adoption.

With all of the advantages of blockchain ---** transparent, immutable, secure, incorruptible**. But skipping the rampant greed that has been the Achilles heel of many cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects.

And it gets even better.

A DAO for a DAO

The team designing, developing, implementing, deploying and servicing the Freeos DAO is also set to be another DAO --- fully accountable to the Freeos participants.

FreeDAO is the name of this additional DAO. Starting as a Foundation, its mission is to bring about “tools of collaboration and freedom”.

Freeos is the first tool that FreeDAO is building --- representing a new type of financial freedom.

And FreeDAO leadership is designed to be fully accountable at all times. All decisions made will be transparent. All budgets and usage of funds will be transparent.

The leaders are selected from a pool of subject matter experts, and then randomly selected to be in charge for a limited term.

The random selection allows for diversity to be represented, and it is difficult to pre-groom corrupt candidates or engage in long, expensive campaigns by charismatic --- but ineffectual --- “leaders”.

This new governance system is highly accountable. The Freeos participants can signal a vote to remove any leader shown to be ineffective, or corrupt at any time.

Efficient leadership with skilled leaders like a company, or non-profit --- but with a level of accountability possibly never seen before.

Money Made By Free Choice, Not By Rulers

Since the invention of money --- we’ve never had a type of money that is built on principles of equality and democracy. The existence of Freeos could be a historic event --- a currency that is truly for the people and of the people.

And since the invention of governance --- we’ve never had a system built that selects qualified leaders randomly and fairly, while ensuring they are accountable at all times. Again this is historic.

Your Claim To Contribution

So, why not be a part of a bit of history and** join forces with Freeos**. It is free to join as long as you prove your identity on-chain --- which allows our democratic system to be secure.

To understand more about Freeos and FreeDAO **click on some of the links in the article above **--- or check out our website, and blog where you can find out more.

Just a little warning, our systems are deep and complex. This project is a moonshot.

To shamelessly paraphrase John F. Kennedy’s famous moonshot speech:

We choose to build a truly democratic economy. We choose to create true economic freedom over this decade, not because it is easy, but because it is hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to push the boundaries of economic freedom --- and win-win like we’ve never known to win before.

Sojoin us in this historic mission. Let’s push the boundaries of freedom a bit further, and let’s attempt to create a system where everyone can participate--- and win---within.

Stay tuned for additional articles in this series where we will cover more of the many features and tokenomics of the Freeos Economic System.

In the meanwhile, feel free to ask any questions in our Telegram and Discord channels

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